Ecommerce and Epidemiology

If you can sell products online, you can be a successful epidemiologist.   Ecommerce and Epidemiology share a surprising foundation that contributes to success in each.   As Morgan Housel writes,  “A truth in one field often shines a light on another. So let me tell you a story about what cats falling out of buildings teaches […]

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Homes. What is home?
Learning | Philosophy

What’s Home?

The global pandemic has changed our relationships with the idea of home forever. My perspective on home absolutely changed. I was reading the excellent Not Boring newsletter the other day about Magnolia, the (relatively silent) home goods giant with their mecca in Waco, TX. They help people showcase and celebrate the importance of home. Unsurprisingly, […]

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Institutions decaying and losing trust with the public
History | Institutions

The Fight Between Our Institutions, and Us

What happened to our American institutions? Why do so many people today feel pain and fear around the degradation of our sacred democracy? We can place a considerable amount of blame on our decaying institutions. We can define an institution as an organization that transcends specific people within the organization and lasts generations. Government institutions, […]

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Thinking about philosophy with Thanos

Was Thanos Right?

A twisted villain who kills half of human life with the snap of his fingers.  All in the name of justice and mercy and inevitability.   Most of us know this guy. In that moment when he snapped his fingers, Thanos played god.  When making his decision for this horrific act, Thanos had stepped out of […]

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We need to invest in renewable energy to combat climate change, but climate alarmism helps no one.
Climate Change

On Climate Change and Real Solutions

You see it all over the news, all over Twitter; all your friends talk about it.  Humanity faces their biggest collective problem yet in the form of climate change.  I personally believe mitigating climate change effects, reducing global CO2 emissions, tackling deforestation, and preserving biodiversity to be the most important and pressing problems of our […]

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The Consciousness Rabbit Hole: Where Are We?

“In fact, although people talk about being conscious of what is happening now, that’s the one thing you cannot be conscious of” Once you start trying to write or think about consciousness, you realize it’s the weirdest, craziest, most confusing, yet beautiful thing.  After all, it’s the one thing you have control over that pushes […]

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Man looking at a woman in a relationship
Learning | Relationships

How To Thrive in Modern Relationships

Rain thundered down from the sky.  I looked out the window and saw a “welcome to Johnson City, Tennessee” sign.  My girlfriend at the time, Serena, had been at the wheel of her Toyota Camry for almost 8 straight-hours.  Midnight quickly approached. I had contracted some weird stomach virus going around my college campus, and […]

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A turtle that represents our slowing economy and the Great Stagnation

What’s Our Problem with the Great Stagnation?

There’s a clear cause of the widespread economic problems facing America today.  But for some reason, nobody in power wants to admit this problem. They all act like wizards at Hogwarts tiptoeing around He-who-must-not-be-named.   What’s the problem?  GDP growth (and thus, median real income growth) in the US has been in decline since the 1970’s. […]

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